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Let Sittingbourne Forklifts - Nissan Forklifts use your specific forklift requirements e.g Nissan forklifts, to search the UK's largest forklift network for suppliers that have the type of forklift you need.

The system is location based and will use your specific location e.g Sittingbourne as the origin for the search and will identify the closest forklift dealers to you that have the type of forklift you need.

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Sittingbourne Forklifts - Nissan Forklifts will search the UK and Irelands largest forklift dealer network to find the lift trucks that match your requirements.

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Sittingbourne Forklifts - Nissan Forklifts - Tips for Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne

Tip - If you are trying to find Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne you might like to know that the Nissan GX Series LPG and Diesel engine powered forklifts are rugged, solid construction for hard work in the harshest environments.

When searching for Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne bear in mind that while it is very expensive to buy a new battery for an electric forklift, you are in effect buying five years worth of fuel. It is generally considered to be around 25% cheaper to operate and maintain an electric forklift than an internal combustion gas or diesel forklift.

Tip – When you are looking for Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne you should be aware that every Nissan Forklift truck is carefully designed so that up to 98% of the vehicle can be recycled.

Tip - Whilst you are investigate Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne you might like to know that Nissan high level Order Picker trucks are rated to handle up to 1000kg loads and lift to heights from 3200mm to 8250mm with a 2-stage mast.

While investigating Nissan forklifts in and around Sittingbourne you might wish to be aware that a forklift driver also has a legal duty to ensure the safety of others. In one case a forklift driver working at a sawmill was fined £1,750 plus costs after an incident in which he hit a fellow employee causing a fractured pelvis, cuts and bruises. The driver''s vision was impaired by the load he was carrying. In this case the employer had employed an in-house forklift truck trainer and the driver had received regular refresher training and re-testing and as a result it was the employee not the employer that was fined for this incident.

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